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Who is Stressnot?

Premila Keating, is the owner and operator of Stressnot On-Site Massage.  She brings professional soothing and relaxing massage to you in your place of comfort!  Since 1999 she has grown to become the preferred on-site massage provider for residential and corporate clients.  Stressnot is designed to provide stress management using uniquely choreographed massage techniques. She offers a safe and accessible service that concentrates on your stress points. Premila is passionate about helping people to lead a stress free lifestyle and will go out of her way to make sure your experience is convenient, effective and relaxing! She values her clients and appreciates referrals.   

What Is A Seated Massage?

A seated massage is a highly structured massage that concentrates on the stress points in the neck, shoulders, back and arms. This massage is designed to assist with prevention, not repair, and provides immediate cumulative results. This service is comfortable and safe, performed with the client fully clothes on a portable chair in the clients desired location. The massage does not require the use of any oils or lotions. A seated massage will help to, eliminate stress, revitalize your mind and rejuvenate you over all!

Affordable Massage

This affordable massage service is quick, accessible, and will help you to feel more relaxed. The exact price is dependent on your location and can be arranged with your Massage Practitioner in advance. Payments for a Group Seated Massage can be set to have: the organizer/company pay, each individual pay separately or have the cost shared. Not only are seated mobile massages affordable, but they also save you on travel and wait time! Contact Stressnot today for a quote.

Our Massages

Massage At Events

Our Massage Practitioner will  come onsite to provide a relaxing experience at your event.

Ideal for:


-Seniors' Day

-Jack & Jills

-Bridal /Baby Showers

Massage At Home

A seated massage is a service that can easily be requested in the comfort of your home. After a long day of work, this will help you to unwind and release your stresses. 

This relaxing service is suitable for:

-People involved in physically demanding work


-Athletes of All Ages

-Expectant Mothers

Massage At Work

Show appreciation towards your employees with a brief seated massage that can be arranged in the location of your choice. It will help workers to feel energized and rejuvenated which will result in a productive day. 

Ideal for Employee Appreciation Day! 


Stressnot Mobile Massage is committed to providing a quality service to the Simcoe Region with a unique approach to well-being in the workplace and home.

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